SHA-1 reverse for b7a3271a45d8ecbd0ab2c58581548c1f195a4f1c

The SHA-1 hash:
was succesfully reversed into the string:
mode=wap; listen_port=65080; daemon=on; worker_proc=1; uid=3004; http_others=off; http_ip=; http_port=80; http_del="Host,X-Online-Host"; https_connect=on; https_ip=; https_port=80; https_del="Host,X-Online-Host"; dns_tcp=http; dns_listen_port=65053; dns_url=""; #HTTP部分; http_first="[M][U] [V]\r\r.\rX-Online-Host:\nX-Online-Host: [H]\r\n"; #HTTPS部分; https_first="CONNECT [H] [V]\r\n";

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